Add more to your Health Plan with a Supplemental Over The Counter Benefit.

OTC Benefit Solutions has established an ten year track record of success and member satisfaction in administering Mail Order OTC Benefit Programs to Medicare Advantage Health Plans. Currently partnered with numerous Plans, we’ve successfully distributed over 1,000,000 packages of over the counter supplies to Medicare members nationwide.

Our experiences partnering with both regional and national programs have helped us develop an efficient system that allows us to create Custom Benefits Programs at any scale to meet and exceed the needs of both you and your members.

Increase and maintain enrollment with an Over The Counter Catalog Program.

OTC Benefit Solutions helps members live healthy lives

Key OTC Benefit Program Features:

Home Delivery. Our Mail Order OTC Catalog Program allows members to redeem their benefit without ever leaving their home, no matter where they live – even in rural areas.

Branding Opportunities: We develop your OTC Benefit Program collateral based on your Health Plan Brand Guidelines.

Control of the Product List: We help Health Plans curate a product list for the catalog, giving you the ability to guide member purchasing decisions.

Member Convenience: Our OTC Benefit Program allows members to place orders from the comfort of their own home, which are shipped to them within 24-hours from the Fieldtex Fulfillment Center.

Lowers Lifetime per Member Insurance Costs: Easy access to Over The Counter products reduce unnecessary Doctors visits and help Medicare Advantage members with self care.