Nationwide Mail Order OTC Supply Catalog Programs

The OTC Benefit Solutions medical catalog program has established a eight year track record of success and member satisfaction in providing fulfillment services to Medicare Advantage Health Plans. We currently service over 100,000 members in 8 states. Our mail order medical supplies program can be customized to fit your specific needs, allowing your members to order on the phone, through the mail, or on the web 24/7 and have the products delivered directly to their door. Our experience with regional and national programs allows us to create custom programs for the various needs of an individual plan so that you can meet any budget and achieve any service level.

Our program features:
  • Branding opportunities: We design the catalogs to follow your branding so your member is buying the products directly from your company instead of the local drug store.
  • Control of the product list: Our program allows you to select the exact product list for the catalog giving you the ability to control what members can spend their benefit on
  • Member Convenience: The catalog program allows a member to shop only approved products from the comfort of their own home

Why should you offer a Supplemental OTC Benefit Program to your Members?

  • Reduces long term care costs – Every dollar ($) spent on OTC medication saves $6-7 in healthcare costs
  • OTC Benefits save $102 Billion annually compared to Clinical Visits and Prescription Drugs
  • Empowers your members to meet their everyday healthcare needs + they love it!
  • 8 in 10 users relieve their symptoms with an OTC medication