OTC Benefit Solutions creates custom Over-the-Counter benefit programs for Health Plans to offer to their members.OTC Benefits Members living a Healthy Life

OTC Products are popular for treating basic ailments that don’t require the member to see a health care provider. These products can treat anything from aches and pains to indigestion and heartburn, and are a part of the daily lives of many eligible members. The programs are tailored to the needs of each Health Plan and designed to provide the best possible service to their members.

Benefits for Health and Wellness

OTC Benefit Solutions strives to provide products that help to keep people healthy and enrich their lives. The programs are designed to be convenient for the modern Medicare member, and delivers products directly to the members home.

If you would like more information about how these programs could work for your members, please contact us and our Program Managers would be happy to design a benefit that perfectly compliments your Health Plan.