Difference Between Cold and Allergies

Allergy and flu is one of the most popular categories in our Over The Counter Catalog Programs. It includes items that will help to treat seasonal allergies as well as the common cold.  For someone who is suffering from either a cold or allergies, items from this category offer the relief that they need to be able to function throughout the day. Colds and Allergies are often confused, because their symptoms can be similar, but it is important to distinguish between the two when figuring out which are the best ways to treat them. Allergies are caused by increased sensitivity to environmental irritants such as dust, pet dander or pollen from trees or flowers. Allergies can range from mildly irritating to totally debilitating depending on the person. Luckily, most allergies can be treated with over the counter medications. Colds are caused by viruses that can be transmitted from person to person. There are thousands of different types of virus that you can contract, and no two are the same. While there really is no treatment often times, you can treat the symptoms to make yourself more comfortable while you wait for the cold to run its course. For more information on distinguishing between the two, see the chart at right from WebMD.

There are many different options in the category including Dayquil and Nyquil, Robitussin, Loratadine and many others. As with most medicines, you must look at the ingredients to be sure that they won’t interact with anything else that you might be prescribed. We strive to offer a wide variety of options across all of our OTC Supplemental Benefit categories, but in Allergy and Flu this is especially important because there are so many different types of medicines and we want your members to have access to the products that they are already buying. While it varies by OTC Benefit program, we usually offer around 35-40 products in this category, and can add or subtract to customize to your membership.

Allergy and Flu Medications Available in Our OTC Catalog
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