Support items help those who have suffered an injury or who may have weak joints by adding a layer of external support that helps the person to function normally. Supports are made of neoprene or other fabrics that stretch and allow the wearer to move freely. The support can help to protect the wearer while they heal so that they can get back to full strength safely. It can also help to alleviate pain from a long-term injury. Properly fitting the supports to your body is very important because the benefits are based upon a snug fit.

Support Item Types:

In our Over The Counter Benefit Programs, we offer ankle, knee, back and elbow braces, so there are options for all of the most common injuries.

Ankle braces are best to help with weak or injured ankles. As we age, muscles become weaker and the joints that they support may need additional help, and that is especially true of the ankle. Sprained ankles are some of the most common injuries and they can take a long time to heal, especially in an older person. Ankle braces will help you to heal faster and return to normal.

Knees are one of the most sensitive joints in the body, and they must take continual pounding every day from almost any activity. A soft knee brace can add the support that an older person needs after years of wear-and-tear. The added support can alleviate persistent pain and overuse injuries. Knee injuries will eventually happen to everyone, so this is a great item for helping with chronic pain that many people are experiencing as they age.

Back Braces help to support the midsection and to align the spine to alleviate chronic pain. Back pain can be persistent for many people and is usually caused by weakness in the core and long term misalignment of the spine. The brace helps to fix this problem to alleviate pain and keep the wearer more comfortable.

Lastly, the elbow brace can help with more specific injuries such as tennis elbow or arthritis. The elbow can be injured in many different ways, and while it may not be as common, for those who suffer from an elbow injury, an elbow support offers the added support needed to allow the injury to heal.

The OTC Benefit Program Supports category has about 15 different options that can be a part of your member program offering.

Providing Braces and Supports to your seniors
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