Offering an Over-the-Counter Benefit promotes a healthier lifestyle for your Health Plans members. OTC Benefit Solutions provided by Fieldtex Products makes rounding out your Health Plan easy. We work with Health Plans to design their Benefit offerings from the ground up, giving them full customization capabilities to select anything from benefit amount and recharge frequency, to a hand-picked OTC product list. We currently offer over 500 name brand and generic products across more than 30 different CMS approved OTC categories. We currently fulfill plan benefits from $25 to $200 and everywhere in between.

Setup Timeline 


How the Program Works

  1. Once the Catalog (designed in house at OTC Benefit Solutions per your Health Plans Branding Guidelines) is CMS approved, the Health Plan will print and distribute the catalogs. Including the Benefit Catalog in the Welcome Package helps increase Benefit Utilization.
  2. We load your member eligibility file into our secure webstore and work closely with our call center to develop call scripting.
  3. At program launch, members are able to place their orders via mail-in order form, via phone, or via your custom website.
  4. Every order is detailed in the weekly bill to the Health Plan. The Plan is only responsible for a flat rate freight charge and the cost of the product. There are no additional administrative fees.
  5. The Health Plan provides regular updates to member eligibility. OTC Benefit Solutions provides regular customized utilization reporting.

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