Foot care is another one of the OTC Benefit Program categories that is offered by OTC Benefit Solutions for health plans to offer to their members. While it is not the most popular category when it comes to volume, it is very popular with members who have foot problems and need to find relief from warts, corns, and athletes foot. The soothing that is provided by foot care products is such a relief for members, that these can be the most important products that they order with their OTC Supplemental Benefit. Some of the items in the foot care category include Clortimazole cream, Compound W wart remover and Lotrimin spray as well as many other generic products.

As people age, they will experience foot issues because of the pounding that the feet must take every day. The foot absorbs 100s of tons of weight per day as you walk. Over a lifetime, this adds up to chronic injuries and pain in the feet. Taking care of the feet becomes a priority for most older people, because it is not only a quality of life issue but also an important health issue for those with diabetes. Foot Care is important for those with diabetes because diabetes can cause painful foot ulcers that do not easily heal, and this is why OTC Benefit Solutions offers items that help to treat foot issues that arise for someone with diabetes.

OTC Benefit Solutions offers CMS approved categories to build a Mail Order OTC Catalog Program for health plans to offer to their members as a benefit of their members. To find out more about these programs and how your company can offer them to your members contact us and one of our account managers can give you samples and a product demonstration.



Foot Care Supplies Covered in the OTC Program
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