Generic Medicines are used to treat many ailments and are the cost effective alternative to brand name medicines. However, sometimes there can be big fluctuations in the costs of generic prescription medications for no apparent reason. How can this happen and why does is seem to happen at random? Dr. David Belk has done some extensive research on the topic and how prices of generics can skyrocket without warning and for no real reason.

Dr. Belk hypothesizes that because no one actually sees the price, and the people paying for the items are ordering the generic medication in bulk, no one notices that the cost of some medications have increased by 20, 30 or even 70% per pill. For anyone with insurance, the cost is unseen to them and manufacturers know this. They are able to raise the costs of generic prescriptions without any negative customer feedback, so they do. Dr. Belk is able to explain this even more in depth in his article Dr. Belk is passionate about curbing the raising costs of healthcare and presents information about how he feels the system can be fixed. Anyone who is interested in healthcare and the raising costs should see what he has to say.

Massive Increases in Generic Medication Prices
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