What are 834 Files?

The 834 files is a digital file format that is used to transfer private health information between employers, health plans and vendors. The file contains all the relevant information about people who are eligible for the benefits provided by the health plan. It includes member ID numbers, home addresses, plan eligibility and any other information that is needed by the health plan and their vendors. It ensures that all the information about a member is kept in the same place and can be transmitted wherever that it is needed. It is an all inclusive format that has become the industry standard for the healthcare industry.

We are happy to announce that OTC Benefit Solutions is now able to accept full 834 files for OTC Plan eligibility. Health Plans can now send us their member information this way and we can load the information directly into our systems to give members access to their OTC benefit. We now can extract the information that we need for our program and begin offering members their benefit right away.

Why is this a benefit for Health Plans?

This means that Health Plans no longer need to create a separate file with just specific information on it. It also allows our clients to reduce configuration costs and time when creating files for our programs. This will also lower the risk of errors in the creation of additional files. Our software can quickly extract all the information that we need and give members access to their benefit as soon as it becomes available. By now accepting the 834 file it allows us to be sure of accuracy of information and offer better customer service than ever before.

Accepting 834 Eligibility Files for The OTC Benefit
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