Continuing with our OTC Benefit Program categories, today we will discuss ointments and topicals. Ointments and topicals are used to clean and disinfect cuts, scrapes and wounds so that they heal better and they do not become infected or to help treat aching muscles. The category is split into two sub-categories which are cleaners and analgesics.

Ointments and Topicals – Cleaners

Cleaners are used on cuts and scrapes to facilitate healing and to alleviate infections in the compromised area. After getting a cut, it should be rinsed with water and then a cleaner that will help to remove dirt, dust and debris. Then the cut can be dressed with a bandage or gauze to help to keep the area clean while it heals. It is very important to keep a wound clean while it heals and the cleaners that are offered are the best way to be sure that there are no germs remaining in the wound.

Ointments and Topicals – Analgesics

Analgesics serve a different purpose all together, they are intended to help relieve minor aches and pains in muscles. The heating and cooling that they offer ease the pain that stiff and sore muscles that can range from minor to debilitating. Analgesics are easily applied and can be used as needed.

Ointments and topicals are an important part of the Over The Counter Benefit Program offered to health plans for their members by OTC Benefit Solutions. For more information about our programs please contact us today.

Ointments and Topicals Offered By the OTC Benefit
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