Since 2008, we have been providing Over the Counter Catalog Programs to Medicare Advantage Health Plans across the US. Today we are able to offer over 500 OTC products and over 30 different product categories.

Some of our most popular categories include:

  • Dental Care
  • Pain Relief
  • Cough and Cold / Cough Drops
  • First Aid Products
  • Allergy and Flu
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Stomach and Laxatives
  • Incontinence Supplies and more










Product Selection: Name Brand and Generic

At OTC Benefit Solutions, it is important to us that your member gets exactly what they are looking for which is why we offer both name brand and generic products, available in almost every category. We focus on having multiple options for each product type so that members have a good selection and can buy products that they are already comfortable using.

The goal of our large product selection is to offer as much value for the member as possible. We want to have anything that they might be looking for and if there are products within CMS guidelines that we aren’t currently offering, then we can source them. We have found that in these cases, health plans are a great resource, because they know their members and can give us insights into which products we should be offering to specifically cater to their membership

OTC Benefit Solutions Product Offerings