Since 2008, we have been providing Over The Counter Catalog Programs to Medicare Advantage Health Plans across the US. Each year that we administer our OTC Benefit Program offers insight into which popular OTC products Medicare Advantage members want to spend their OTC Supplemental Benefit on. We take a look at the top sellers, low sellers, and recommendations from both Health Plans and members in order to refine the eligible product catalog. We strive for member satisfaction while delivering necessary self care products to their homes.

Looking back on 2017, we have determined what the most popular OTC product categories were, and which are least popular.

Below, the categories are ordered from most popular to least. (If it’s linked, click through to learn more about the specific categories!)

POPULAR OTC PRODUCTS (most popular to least popular)

Dental Care
Pain Relief
• Cough and Cold / Cough Drops
• First Aid Products
Allergy and Flu
• Vitamins and Minerals
Stomach and Laxatives
• Incontinence Supplies
• Eye Care
• Sleep Aids
Ointments and Topicals
Hot and Cold Therapy
• Ointments and Topicals – Analgesics
• Diagnostic Equipment
Foot Care
• Ointments and Topicals – Cleaners
• Skin Care
• Fiber Supplements
• Ear Care
• Supports – Knee, Wrist, Ankle
• Feminine and UTI Products
• Support Stockings

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Most Popular OTC Benefit Program Product Categories in 2017
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