Up To Date Reporting Can Successfully Shape an OTC Benefit Program

Continuous reporting allows Health Plans to monitor program activity and make beneficial changes for future member use. We provide monthly utilization reports based on product, plan and State. Offering real-time access to robust plan reports allows Health Plans to conduct more objective assessments and predict plan forecasting.

Plan Utilization Reports Include:

  • Overall usage
  • Usage by plan – if applicable
  • Product utilization
  • Call metrics
  • Beneficiary expenditures
  • Monthly sales
  • Freight analysis

We also provide monthly call reports that allow us to monitor the service level.

Call Reports Include:

  • Call volumes
  • Response times
  • Service levels

We even offer custom reporting for aspects such as popular products and categories. We work with the Health Plan to provide relevant reporting to help shape the program around the needs of the member population. Utilization reporting provides insights that guide the Health Plan in making constructive changes to the plan.  

Electronic Billing

Health plans are only billed for what the member purchases along with a flat rate shipping fee that is applied to each order. The flat rate shipping fee is determined during contract negotiation. Every order is detailed in the weekly electronic billing report to the health plan. There are no setup or administration fees associated with our Benefit Programs.