At OTC Benefits Program, we strive to make administering an OTC Supplemental Benefit simple. We have found that the best way to do so is through a product catalog that is specifically designed and customized for your members. We provide products to help keep your members healthy, while reassuring that they feel cared for. Our programs are tailored to the needs of each Health Plan by offering the best service to members and providing beneficial factors including home delivery, ordering ease and product selection.

Home Delivery
The first main benefit of an OTC catalog program is home delivery. Many of your members that intend to use the OTC program are elderly and may have limited mobility. Instead of having to go to the store to get their OTC products, they can use the convenient catalog to order products from the comfort of their homes knowing that all of their products will be delivered directly to their door. A catalog program prevents the need for members to make routine trips to the store, and allows your members stock up on and receive all of their products at once.

Ordering Ease
Technology can be extremely frustrating for elderly members, and using an OTC catalog to take advantage of benefits can help to avoid confusion. Our catalogs contain sharp images with clear and legible fonts that are easy for all users to read and understand. Your members can even use the mail in form that is included in the catalog to place orders without having to go online. Our catalog makes it easy for your members to conveniently access much needed OTC products. For those members that are more tech-savy, we also offer easy ordering through a customized website or through a multilingual call center. OTC Benefits Program ships most packages within 24 hours, and most members receive their OTC items within 3-5 business days.

Product Selection
The catalog allows for each Health Plan to choose all of the items that members can buy. You are able to choose actual products instead of just product categories. Card programs do not allow the Health Plan to have any say in the branding around an OTC program. We keep an eye on trends in the OTC market and then we will work with you to determine the products that are best suited for your members. From there we can create your custom eligible and dual purpose product catalog. The OTC Benefit amount can limit the inclusion of more expensive products, but we present Plans with a list from which they can choose what generic and name brand products that they would like to include. We then develop fair custom pricing based on factors such as member population, location, utilization and freight.