With OTC Benefit Solutions, you can design and offer custom mail order Supplemental Benefits for your Medicare Advantage members. You can even seamlessly piggy back Supplemental Benefits onto your pre-existing Over-the-Counter Benefit Program. We can create unique programs to serve your members that suffer from chronic illness, or have more complex health needs.

Home Safety Benefit

We currently offer a Home Safety Benefit program that was developed to assist Medicare Advantage members with aging in place. This supplemental benefit program provides members with in-home safety products that make daily tasks easier and less risky. The following product categories are currently offered in our program:

  • Bathroom Safety – Toilet
  • Bathroom Safety – Tub and Shower
  • Bedroom Safety
  • Daily Living Aids
  • Kitchen Safety

The risk for in-home injuries increases with age, and most homes are not built around the needs of aging adults. Our program provides members with products that help them maintain independence.

Contact Us today and our program managers can setup a consultation with you to help create a custom supplemental benefit plan that your members will love.

Our OTC product offering and product sourcing capabilities allow for us to easily implement supplemental benefit programs. These programs can be specifically developed for the needs of certain sectors of a member population, such as:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Incontinence
  • Home Safety
  • Diabetic Wound Care
  • Exercise

So even if you’ve only just begun to brainstorm options, or if your benefit plan is in its earliest of product development stages, we will work with you to design and manage unique benefit plans.

Contact our Fieldtex OTC Benefit Specialists today, and find out how we can collaboratively enhance your Medicare Advantage Benefit Offerings with a variety of uniquely designed Supplemental Benefits.

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