Over the counter (OTC) products are popular for treating basic ailments that don’t require the need to see a health care provider. These products can treat anything from aches and pains to indigestion and heartburn, and are a part of the daily lives of many Medicare members. At OTC Benefits Program, we strive to make administering an OTC Supplemental Benefit simple. When you choose OTC Benefits Program as your Medicare Part C benefit provider, you’ll be giving your members fast and easy access to thousands of name brand and generic products, and you will be providing them above-and-beyond service along with a convenient plan that caters to their specific needs.

Benefits of an OTC Program

  • Keeps your members healthy so they can avoid unnecessary medical expenses.
  • Helps to draw in potential members.
  • Shows your members that their daily health and wellness is a priority.
  • Proven to help lower lifetime member insurance costs.
  • Increases member satisfaction, retention and convenience.

At OTC Benefits Program, we strive to make our Health Plan partners and their member’s experiences as seamless and effective as possible. We are happy to provide Health Plans with customized Mail Order Medical Supplies Programs to meet the needs of their member demographic. From specialty catalogs to specific billing, we can offer your members an experience tailored to them.

Our Customization Capabilities Include:

  • Your control over customized product lists tailored to your member needs.
  • Ability to control frequency of the benefit, and limit orders per benefit period.
  • An easy-to-use branded online store for convenient member ordering.
  • A branded and custom designed product catalog and mail-in-order form.
  • Call center option with English and Spanish operators (option of additional language lines if needed).

OTC Benefits Program has successfully delivered millions of OTC Products to the Medicare Community. OTC Benefits Program offers BEST in CLASS products by both sourcing popular brand names along with generic health products, all are confirmed CMS approved for any patient population by the National Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Why You Should Consider an OTC Benefit Program