Up your HEDIS / Star rating ⭐ Increase Enrollment ? Lower lifetime member insurance costs  ?  Offer a 2021 Over The Counter Benefit ?

At OTC Benefits Program, we offer proven Mail Order Medical Supplies Programs,
making it easy to deliver Over The Counter products directly to your members doors.
Design your 2020 Medicare OTC Benefit, we’ll take care of the rest.

Choose Your Benefit Population Choose Your Benefit Amount Choose Your Benefit Frequency
Members Benefit Amount Benefit Frequency
Our OTC Benefit Programs can scale to serve 100 members to 100,000 members. Offer any benefit amount from as low as $20, and handpick a catalog of 20-500+ products. Monthly, Quarterly, or Rollover Plans give you the flexibility to guide member purchasing decisions.


Once your Plan is Customized to your liking, we provide:

360° Benefit Plan Management 24-hour Product Turnaround
You provide branding guidance on private label catalog and webstore visual identities.
OTC Benefits Program provides you with rolling
and transparent utilization reports every step of the way.
With member satisfaction assured,
we make sure every package is shipped out within 24 hours of order placement.

Our Programs have fulfilled millions of over the counter supplies
on behalf of Healthcare Companies.

…or learn about our new Plan Options for 2020 Supplemental Benefits.No Setup Fees. No Administration Fees. Affordable Flat Rate Shipping. Member Satisfaction Assured.*Medicare OTC Benefit Program population below 1000 members are subject to a one-time nominal set up fee.