As the COVID-19 crisis persists, there is speculation that the number of cases may spike again next winter leading into the cold and flu season of 2021. During these uncertain times our catalog programs ensure that members receive their essential OTC products without the need to leave home or risk having loved ones shop for them. We offer over 600 generic and brand-named products delivered quickly and discreetly to the members’ homes.

During these times, it’s imperative that people, especially those of higher risk for contracting Covid, are still able to receive their day to day OTC products while they social distance. Not only do they treat illnesses, but many OTC products provide instant relief to unanticipated Covid-19 symptoms. OTC medicines have extended the reach of access to safe treatments of self-curable illnesses that might have otherwise required a physician visit. Our programs provide members with a sense of self control over their health and wellness. The more control members have over their health, the less they’ll have to rely on unnecessary physician visits, or even trips to the ER.

Developing a Custom Benefit

Our programs give members peace of mind, knowing that they will be able to receive essential OTC products while continuing to maintain social distancing. We work with Health Plans to design Covid-19 Benefit offerings from the ground up, giving them full customization capabilities to select anything from benefit amount and recharge frequency, to a hand-picked OTC product list. We currently offer over 500 name brand and generic products across more than 30 different CMS approved OTC categories. Once the plan is active, members are able to place to orders by mail, phone, or online. Orders are shipped within 7-10 businesses days, and members are receive important OTC products without having to leave their homes.

We understand that many companies are closed and have employees working from home, but our team of Program Managers is here to answer questions and help develop reliable and efficient programs for your members. With OTC Benefit Solutions, you can ensure that your Medicare Advantage Members are getting everything they need with an OTC Benefit. Please give us a call 800-353-7763 (Ext. 260) to find out how we can help benefit you.

The Importance of Offering an OTC Benefit during the COVID-19 Crisis