An OTC Benefits member called in specifically to praise OTC Representative Ariela: “She was delightful and very pleasant.”

Walter, a member of a Health Plan partnered with OTC Benefit Solutions, spoke with Mariel and mentioned that she was very “kind, courteous, customer focused, and professional, which made the order placement process much easier.”

“Bonnie helped me tremendously. She helped me place my order, and without her, I would have been on the phone a lot longer.”

Alison said that Vernon Clark [an OTC Customer Service Representative] was very professional and thorough. She appreciates receiving these products, and says that the Benefit Program helps out financially.

A Benefits Member named Kimberly called to give compliments to Isaac and Shane. She said they were very kind and helpful, and that she “can’t believe the outstanding customer service from two different reps”.

Ms. Doe worked with Logan, who felt that she was very professional, kind, to the point, and – best of all – was ahead of her when it came to verifying the order by reading it back without being asked

“Customer service representative was polite, courteous and patient. I was 100% satisfied as a customer. Wow! Great experience!”

“Very, very courteous, helpful and she had great patience- Keep her [OTC Benefit Customer Service Representative] around forever!”

“Stephanie has such a pleasant voice!  I’m hard of hearing and I could hear her so clearly. AND she’s pleasant with the callers. I was thrilled to have such a pleasant voice at the other end of the line.”