OTC Benefits for Senior Wellness

Our program allows health care plans to offer Over-the-Counter products as a benefit to their members. OTC products have been proven to help keep members

healthy and avoid unnecessary medical expenses. We will create a custom OTC formulary based upon the membership and then provide:

  • A catalog with Health Plan branding for your members
  • Custom mail order forms
  • A custom website where members can order OTC products
  • A dedicated 1-800 customer service line with trained customer service representatives to take your members’ orders

Three ways to order

Mail Order: Members can select from the printed catalog, and send in the mail order form

Phone Order: Members can select from the printed catalog and call our customer service line to place the order

Online Order: Members can select from the online catalog and place their own order

Their order is then picked, packed and shipped from our warehouse directly to their door. One of the greatest benefits of this plan is that members never need to leave their home to receive their OTC products, which is ideal for those with mobility issues or those who may live in an assisted living facility. The products are at no cost to the member and the cost of the items that they purchase are billed to the Health Plan. Our programs are designed to handle the entire process from ordering all the way through delivery.

How Does it Work? Our OTC Benefits Program Demo Site.
Click the image above to Visit our Demo Site! Contact us for Login Credentials to further the Demo Sites capabilities.

Custom Programs

We are happy to provide Health Plans with customized programs to meet the needs of their member demographic. From specialty catalogs to specific billing, we can offer your members an experience tailored to them. Contact us today and one of our benefit specialists can discuss how we can best serve any membership.

Want to see what a store looks like?

Contact us and we can give you an account to see how our demo store works!