Hot and Cold Therapy is one of the categories that are available to health plan members through OTC Supplemental Benefit programs. Hot and cold therapy items include heating pads, hot patches, creams for pain relief and cold packs. Hot and cold therapy can be used to help relieve sore muscles and to help avoid swelling as well as speed up the healing of injuries. Used in conjunction, hot and cold therapy can be a very effective treatment method for a variety of injuries.

Cold therapy is used to reduce swelling and pain in tissue that can be from anything tendonitis to a bug bite. It is usually suggested that cold be applied in a 20 minutes on then 20 minutes off fashion for most injuries, but if there is a question about a specific injury, members should consult a doctor or physical therapist, as they can give a more specific treatment strategy if one is needed.

Hot therapy helps to increase circulation to the treated area. This is great for stiff or sore muscles and joints or sprains and strains. Heating the area will increase mobility for seniors who may have chronic problems such as arthritis or a sore back. Heat can be applied with an electric heating pad, a patch that creates heat through a chemical reaction or a topical cream that heat up and provide relief.

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Medicare Advantage Covers Hot and Cold Therapy
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