OTC Benefit Solutions offers branded and generic OTC products that can form a custom formulary for health plans to offer to their members as a part of their Supplemental Over The Counter Benefit Program each year. Today we are talking about OTC product selection and specifically branded vs. generic products. We are committed to offer a mix of different products in our Over The Counter Catalog Program so that members can find items that they already are purchasing and thus can get the most from the program.


Many members like name-brand products so we are sure to offer the best brands that they know and love. From Advil to Depends and Vicks to Visine, we offer the most well known OTC brands. We are able leverage strategic buying relationships with all of the manufacturers of these products to offer members a great selection and consistent service. We pride ourselves on our selection that could rival any drugstore.


Other members prefer to buy generic products, because they are affordable and they are usually offer the same ingredients as the branded products without the premium price. This allows the member to be more economical with their OTC Supplemental Benefit and to purchase more items. Members love the value that is offered by generic products and we are sure to try and offer a generic equivalent whenever possible for each branded product. We will substitute generic products as long as they have the same count and the same ingredients and it will always be noted on the website when a substitution is made. We will NEVER substitute a generic product for a branded one.

The goal of our large product selection is to offer as much value for the member as possible. We want to have anything that they might be looking for and if there are products within CMS guidelines that we aren’t currently offering, then we can source them. We have found that in these cases, health plans are a great resource, because they know their members and can give us insights into which products we should be offering to specifically cater to their membership. Bottom line:  if you have any questions about branded vs. generic products or if you don’t see a specific product that you would like to offer, just ask!

For more information about OTC Benefit Solutions and to find out about benefits we can offer for your members contact us.

Branded vs. Generic Over the Counter Medications
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